Pick up Your Cross and Follow ME…


Things may be quiet for the next week or so on my blog. I am dealing with health issues and so do not feel up to writing. Hopefully the Holy Spirit inspires me because the spirit is willing but the flesh is most definitely weak. I’ve started on a new medication to help with the issues I am having (which I may write about in an upcoming post) and this new medication makes me drowzy and tired. Once I get used to the drug this should go away but for now I have a foggy brain 

Here are two of my most favorite songs at the moment.  Songs that speak truth to me when I am struggling to keep my head above the water.   The first song is my new anthem song and the second song I love to just melt into when I am feeling as horrible as I do right now.  Pray for me please as I carry this heavy cross.  I will remember all of you in my prayers also.  God bless and have a peaceful day.



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