The Language of Sin


I’m starting to recognize the language sin speaks more and more.  At the beginning of my journey I did not recognize the voice of sin so I would hear it and do what I heard without even recognizing I was doing it (The same thing happens today but just with different sins and deeper roots of the same sins).  Then the Lord opened my ears to hear so that I would know when sin was speaking to me, “steal that”, “your right and they are wrong”, “that person is disgusting”, “have sex”, etc.  Sin speaks to us in so many ways, with so many languages and so there are a lot of new languages for me to learn.  And along my journey I have already learned many of these languages and I know I need to learn more.  For the longest time in my life I could recognize many sins in my life but felt helpless and powerless to make any changes.  It was during these times that I learned to abandon myself to the Lord completely.  I put my hope and trust in God and His love for me, that He was going to fix me, heal me and make me whole.  Only by the grace of God was I able to cling to Him even though I felt like I was dying under the weight of my sin, my pain, and my crosses.

All sin originated with Satan.  He is the author of all sin and so He created the languages that sin speak.  He created sin and all that is evil just as God created all that is good.  I was reflecting and pondering the other day about my life and I realized that once sin found its way into my heart it began to speak to me.  First in my mind and then if fed enough it would move its way into my heart.  The more I listened to sin and the lies it told me the louder the voice got and the harder it became to ignore the voice and fight sin.  The more and more I gave into the voices and the sin the deeper the sin would entrench itself in my heart and in my life.  Once sin became the primary language spoken it became dominant, oppressive, abusive, controlling, addictive and destructive.  It does not matter if the sin is lust, or greed, or anger, or gluttony!  What matters is the common destruction that these sins bring into our lives, our families, our communities, and our world.  I understand now why the Lord says to take every thought captive.  And it needs to be done at the beginning when the voice/thought is quiet and timid.  I have to do it way before the sin becomes a stronghold, an addiction.  Being mindful of my thoughts is so very important in the spiritual journey.  I think this is why I love going to confession every week.  It forces me to confront sin head on and quiet their voices.  I cannot allow sin to have a voice at all or at least every time I hear the voice I need to tell it to be quiet and then I need to speak and fill myself with God’s truth.

Through Jesus’ sacrifice of Himself on the cross for me, with the grace of God and with the Holy Spirit actively working within me, I will be able to conquer sin in my life.  I also know, through the experience of my own journey, that there have been and will be times the Lord, for His own good reasons, removed and will remove His grace from me.  It was during these times that I felt most helpless, the most like a little child, and the most vulnerable.  It was during these times that I would cry out to the Lord to sustain me and help me to carry my cross.  Jesus needed help to carry His cross so I know He understands my weaknesses.  The Lord would always rescue me, give me strength and show we how much He loved me and cared about my welfare.  He has always been my rock through the pain and suffering in my life.  God’s track record is impeccable and so I trust in Him completely and fully.  He will sustain me though all the trials and tribulations that are to come for this I am sure.  And I know by my track record that I am not to be trusted, that I am weak and that I need God in my life and the Holy Spirit within me.  I am like a child who has once again become completely dependent on my Father to nurture and care for all my needs.  There is no place I would rather be, for here in the arms of God I am safe from everything and all my needs will be taken care of.

This spiritual journey is this beautiful dance with the Lord.  And the more I explore this dance and learn it in and out the more beautiful it becomes.  It’s the dance between joy and sorrow, hope and despair, love and hatred, peace and anxiety, faith and disbelief, God’s grace and lack of it, seeing my weakness and seeing God’s strength.  Living life to the fullest is a call to completely lose myself in all of life not just what I think is good.  It is to be fully alive whether I am experiencing something joyful or something painful.  The answer is not in trying to avoid the bad and the painful events but to live them fully.  To feel the pain of a hard relationship not run from it.  To face molestation THE STORY OF MY LIFE head on and not pretend it didn’t happen.  To mourn the loss of those who die.  I know I am called by the Lord to feel things deeply and to jump into every day with both feet.  To live in the present moment fully I have a present for you!!  All moments of my life have something to teach me.  I have to remind myself of this truth everyday because I forget so easily especially when pain and sorrow are knocking on my door.  Then I once again have to remind myself that I am not walking through this life alone.  I have God with me and the people that He has put in my life to love me and show me His love.  Once I turn to God the pain and sorrow aren’t as scary anymore or as difficult to bear.  His yoke is light and it is easy.  I bear witness to this Truth in my own life as do so many others.  I know sin has no power in my life anymore for the Lord has shown me throughout my life that He takes all that in sinful and ugly and turns it into something beautiful and precious.  I also know that I am a work in progress and therefore I cry out with St. Paul when he says,  “I have not finished the race yet and I am still persevering through the crosses of life with faith and hope in my heart”.   Jesus, I trust in You.

What are the crosses you bear?  Who helps you carry your crosses?  How do you help others carry their crosses?

Do you recognize the voice of sin?  If so are you able to take those voices/thoughts captive?  How?  Do you trust in God’s mercy and love to save you and do you trust that He will help you bear the crosses in your life?

Are you living life to the fullest?  What does your dance with the Lord look life?


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