Euthanasia Deception

On May 5, 2018 I sat down with the April 30th BC Catholic to see what the Holy Spirit wanted to open my eyes to.   I was instructed by the Holy Spirit the day before to read the news and that I would see certain issues through God`s eyes (Always Put your Hope in God).  I starting reading the article entitled “Jews, Christians raise questions about Euthanasia” by Alicia Ambrosio.  About halfway through the article the Holy Spirit opened up the eyes of my understanding and I saw clearly what the heart of the issue is.  Euthanasia is not so much a sin of commission as it is a sin of omission.  The real issue is not what sin Euthanasia falls under (i.e., murder, manslaughter, etc.).  The issue is what we are robbing the dying person of.  Euthanasia is not only taking a life but it is robbing others and ourselves of God’s great mercy.  The mercy that is much needed to enter heaven.  God takes our suffering and uses it for our good Suffering Succotash!!  He uses it to purify us and to ultimately change us into Himself, into Jesus.  God took the pain, suffering and consequences associated with our sin and he flipped it upwards towards heaven.  Instead of taking the suffering away completely, which would go against His nature, (as it would take away our free will) He uses it for our redemption.  You see Jesus doesn’t just automatically save us.  We need to co-operate, trust and believe in Him but this is just the beginning Always Put your Hope in God.  Our whole lives are a journey towards redemption, purification from the effects of sin and becoming Jesus.  It is in this BECOMING that we are saved.  This is why the Saints go directly to heaven, they have become Jesus.  Only Jesus can bring us into heaven.  How many of us can honestly say they are Jesus?  I know I can’t but one day I will be as I trust that God will accomplish this.  He can do anything!!  But my yes in this process involves suffering and lots of it as there is suffering in the world, whether I believe in Jesus or not.  I am very grateful to the Lord that my suffering is used for my good and the good of others.  Suffering for no good reason is so depressing and pointless.  If you have read the lives of the Saints you will know suffering was a friend of every single one of them.

So now we know how important suffering is right?  We as a society and culture are robbing each other of the very means that will transform us into Jesus, who suffered more than we could ever imagine.  We are robbing each other of the mercy of God and our ticket into heaven.  Death is a particularly painful process in all aspects.  Body, mind, heart, and spirit.  In this process all these aspects unite and in this unity of suffering great things can happen.  The greatest of sinners can actually avoid hell and enter purgatory through a good death where they receive God’s mercy.  Oh if only we knew and saw the depths of damage we do when we rob someone of a dignified, natural and holy death.  In order to have a good and holy death we need to have lived a life preparing for our deaths.  Dying to ourselves every day and becoming detached from all things.  Becoming Jesus.  If we are not Jesus when we die then we go to purgatory where the process is completed.  Purgatory is the womb of God’s love and mercy.  When the process is complete then we can enter into the Beatific Vision.  In fact as soon as the process is complete we already are in the Beatific Vision and are in heaven.  For where God is there is heaven.  And so the more we become Jesus on earth the more we are already in heaven.  So when death comes for these souls it is but a small transition for they were almost there already.  Let us not rob our brothers and sisters in creation of their Sainthoods.  For a good and holy death can take a soul needing purgatory straight into heaven, thus becoming a saint.

So you see this is not merely an issue of “what class of murder does euthanasia fall under” this is about something much deeper.   There is only one issue to discuss and it is the issue of our redemption.  This is the heart of the issue.  This is the issue that God sees.  And when we see the issue through God’s eyes our fight against the world will be effective.  We can stand firm knowing the truth and this truth will set us free to do God’s will in the matter.  From His truth God will pour forth His power and it will transform the world.  Our focus should be singular and it should be on Christ.  All those fighting the good fight need to become Jesus so that we can stand unified against this great evil in our world.  This is the only way we are going to be effective in bringing about change.  So before we protest, before we go to parliament, before we fight laws, let us go to prayer and get to know that ONE we are to become.  Where ever you are at in your prayer life, in your relationship with Jesus there is always more.  You can always go deeper!!  ALWAYS!!

Euthanasia is a hot topic at present and there have been and will continue to be round table discussions on the issue.  Everyone is going to come to the table with their own truths based on their particular lens (doctor, elderly, nurse, patient, etc.).  We think that bringing in multiple perspectives from multiple disciplines will give us a clearer and bigger picture of the issue but this actually does the opposite.  It takes us further from the truth, it confuses and blinds us.  We try and be God and figure out things on our own, with our limited knowledge based on our degrees.  We are doing what humans have done from the time of the fall.  We are drinking deeply from the cup of the tree of good and evil.  And guess what?  We do not have this knowledge.  Only God does.  Only when we become Jesus will we have access to this knowledge.  Only then will we be able to properly discern how to fight evil in the world.  And I know that it is not through fighting at all but through love that it will be accomplished.  And that kind of love is not humanly possible but must flow out of Jesus in us.


What are your thoughts and feelings on the issue of Euthanasia?

How is your prayer life?  Do you know Jesus?  Have you experienced the power of the Holy Spirit in your life?


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  1. We have become so selfish and disconnected from our nature that we believe that humans should always live in total comfort and never be in pain. Pain is a part of our journey and suicide is always a cop out. Only God should decide when we die. I have become quite disillusioned with the scientific community. It seems they are just pulling us farther away from God. They mock us for our very belief in God. They perform monstrous experiments on animals. They get us addicted to drugs that rob us of our personalities. And now they are pushing this assisted suicide nonsense which could rob us of our eternal life with God after death. Not okay.


    1. We would live in total despair if it were not for our hope in Jesus wouldn’t we. If I only look at the world and the corruption in it I would not survive it. I would become so angry, hateful, depressed, anxious and yes probably even suicidal. The only thing that makes life possible to bear is the hope and trust we have in Jesus Christ. For He uses all my suffering and the suffering of the world for good. Amen.


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