Always Put your Hope in God

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As my husband and I were driving to mass this past Friday I was praying and trying to prepare to receive Jesus into myself.  The news was on the radio and I asked Rob if he could turn it off as it was distracting me.  Rob told me that he was listening to the news so I didn’t say anything else and the radio stayed on.  I tried harder to focus on talking to Jesus.  In a matter of moments the Holy Spirit came upon me in power and opened up my soul to receive His message for me.  He told me that He wants me to actually start and read the news.  This was fairly humorous to me because I am the last person who would ever want to read the news.  I actually have no interest and have never been one to read or listen to the news.  However, it was clear this is what I was being called to do. The Holy Spirit told me that when I read certain articles He is going to open up the eyes of my understanding and wisdom and that I will see the issue through the eyes of God.  Then He wants me to blog about what is revealed to me and even sometimes send my write ups to the newspapers.

So immediately after I received this message I turned up the radio.  May as well start right away!!  The weather was on.  I thought to myself “the Lord isn’t going to reveal anything to me about the weather.  It’s only the weather”.  Well was I ever wrong.  Almost immediately after thinking this the Holy Spirit revealed to me that even in something as simple and normal as predicting the weather there is disorder and sin.  Predicting the weather (i.e., the future) and announcing it to the world actually takes us away from the present moment and away from God I have a present for you!!.  Our very separation from God is woven deep into the fabric of our cultures.  It is woven in so deep that we do not even recognize things as disorder and sin anymore.  What we see as normal and good is so abnormal and wrong.  Oh how far we have fallen!!  You see predicting the weather creates worry, fear, anxiety, and these things take us out of the present moment, into the future (which we have absolutely no control over anyway) and away from God.  For example, we have planned an amazing outdoor weekend adventure and check the weather.  Rain is in the forecast so we get upset, angry, disappointed, maybe even worried and anxious.  We obsess over the weather and then the weekend comes and the forecast was wrong and the sun is shining.  This happens all the time.  We worry about things and it has no purpose bu to destroy us and our relationship with God.  This is why Jesus told us not to worry about tomorrow for today has enough worries already.  He told us this because He knew living in the future makes it impossible to find Him and He wanted us to know that God our Father will take care of all our needs so we don’t have to worry.

As we continued to drive to mass Rob mentioned to me that the other day he saw a man pulling a tiny boat with a huge motor on it.  We talked about how dangerous this is.  I said “there should be a law against such a thing”.  Then I thought how sad that we need a law against such a silly thing.  Then I thought how sad it is that we need laws at all.  And how if we were all who God created us to be there would be no need for governments, laws, punishment, or jails.  We would all govern ourselves and the world would be a place of peace, no wars, no hatred, greed, famine, disease, or death.  Oh Wait!!  I’m describing what it would have been like before the fall.  It would have been utopia, paradise, heaven.  This is what heaven will be like.  Perfect love, perfect unity.  But no we need laws because we have people who put huge motors on tiny boats so they can go faster and in the process but other lives and their own at risk.  And because we need laws we need governments to make and enforce these laws.  Unfortunately governments are made up of fallen human beings who are often just as blind, if not more blind, than the people they are making the laws for.  And so it is in our fallen world.

You might very well be thinking at this point, “well this is all great Rebecca but we do live in a fallen world.  We do not live in paradise anymore and so cannot go back to a time where we governed ourselves.  We cannot get rid of governments or laws and we rely on the weather to prepare ourselves for whats coming”.  You are right we cannot go back to a time before the fall.  But this does not mean we are without hope does it?  It can’t be all doom and gloom without hope can it?  Because without hope there is only despair.  So what is our hope then?  Jesus Christ is our hope.  Only in Him can we rise out of the depths of the disorder and chaos we have created through our sin.  We know in Jesus that God loves us.  He loves us so much that He sent His only begotten Son so that whoever believes in Him with not perish but will have eternal life.  Your belief in Him will one day turn to desire, your desire to seeking, your seeking to finding, your finding to knowing, and your knowing to loving.  It does not end with belief for belief is just the beginning.  True belief brings you to the beginning of the process of becoming Jesus in the world.  Once we become Jesus we will be able to love God with all our strength and with all our minds, hearts, and souls.  It will no longer be us who lives but it will be Christ who lives in us It is no longer I who lives….  This is our hope.  Personally, I would not put my hope in anything else.  He is the only Way, the only Truth, the only Life.  And when we become Him we become the way, the truth, and the life for others.  This is what creates true community, true mission, and true evangelization.  Our very being and who we are becomes this mission and our focus becomes singular.  It becomes LOVE.  We become love to the world.  A sacrifice of our lives to love.  We lay down our lives with Christ for the world.  If everyone in the world went through this process and became Jesus we would indeed live in heaven already.  For where God is there is heaven.  And we would have no need for laws or governments.  You see there is hope.  Jesus’ sacrifice of Himself in love for all humankind brings us the hope we need to live in a fallen world.  Let’s cling to this, to Him, and nothing else.  Jesus, we trust in You.  Amen.


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