I’m so sad :(

Oh I am so sad . I just spent 2 hours writing a blog post on bullying. I saved it and closed it as I was going to post it on Monday but it didn’t save. I was so upset and frustrated. I almost cried. My husband, Rob, came to me and rubbed my back. He gently said, “maybe it happened because you aren’t supposed to work on your blog on the weekends”. Then it hit me!! The Lord told me a while back not to work on my blog on the weekends or the evenings. I burst out laughing as this is exactly why this happened. A direct intervention from the Lord. A reminder that the evenings and weekends are to be dedicated to my family. I worked on it today because we as a family are going away on Thursday and so I will be unable to write a blog post on Friday. My plan was to write a story today and post it Monday. I would write one Monday and post it Wednesday and the one I write on Wednesday I was going to post Friday. Well that will not be happening now lol. I will post one on Monday and one on Wednesday. Friday’s normal blog post will not happen this week as I will be out of town for my nephew and god sons first communion and confirmation (my husband is his sponsor).
Oh Lord forgive me for my disobedience. You give me boundaries for a reason and I must obey for my own good and the good of my family. I accept my punishment with an open heart and on Monday I will spend another two hours rewriting the blog post. Jesus I trust in you.  Amen 🙏  So this will be the last time I write for the blog on the weekend and my last weekend post.  


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