The day my 6 year old gave her heart to Jesus

Alexis, my 6 year old, is very down to earth, practical and literal.  The thought of Jesus being in her heart freaks her out.  She doesn’t know Jesus so does not want Him in her heart, does not want to talk to Him, and most definitely does not love Him.  And to top it all off she looks at me like I am crazy when I say I do love Him.  So cute!!

This past lent we started praying together as a family.  We listen to a praise and worship song, share something spiritual like “how did Jesus help you today?”, we pray for our intentions, say an Our Father, a Hail Mary, a Glory Be and a blessing over our family.  My husband and I have also started praying together for our children every night.  This past lent we have been listening to a lot of praise and worship music, been watching more spiritual movies, and have been talking about Jesus a lot more.  These changes have had a huge impact on my children.  Alexis who didn’t know Jesus before now knows Him more and her heart is starting to let Him in.

The other day Alexis and I were sitting at the dining room table coloring.  Alexis drew two pictures and then asked me who I thought they were for.  I said “mommy?”  (because they are almost always for me, as according to Alexis, she loves mommy most).  But Alexis said “no”. “Are they for daddy”,  I asked (because if they aren’t for mommy then they are for dad).  Again Alexis said “no”.  I thought for a minute and then I said,”Alexis are they for Jesus?”  Alexis smiled big and proudly answered, “yes they are for Jesus, I love Jesus!”  My heart melted and my smile matched hers.  Alexis finally gave her heart to Jesus and my heart was full.

Alexis asked if she could tape the pictures on the wall next to our crucifix in the living room.  “Of course you can, Jesus would love that”, I told her.  Alexis taped the pictures up and said a prayer telling Jesus she loved Him.  This daughter of mine who used to speak of Jesus with fear and uncertainty now speaks about Him as if He is a friend.  And this is only the beginning of a lifelong relationship with Jesus that will grow and deepen over time.  Now He is her friend and one day He will be her spouse.  She will also come to know God the Father as her Father.  Loving and kind and strong!!  And she will come to know the Holy Spirit as a beloved Teacher, Mentor, and Spiritual Director.


Has your child given their heart to Jesus?  If so I would love to hear about it.  Please share.


Here are the pictures Alexis drew for Jesus and they are still taped to the wall.

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