Let’s talk about fruit…

Let’s talk about fruit!  Yes fruit!  Not the type of fruit you eat but the fruits of the Holy Spirit and the good fruits that become visible in your life when you are living in God’s will and transforming into Christ Himself.  When I was called by Christ to start this blog He told me that I would know this calling was from Him because of the good fruit in my life.  You see I was doubting what I was experiencing was from Him.  Instead of rambling on, as I will write about many of these fruits in more detail later, I am going to just list them.  I love lists!!

  1. I left my job to seek solitude and silence.  I was very sick spiritually for sure but also emotionally, mentally, and physically.
  2. I started fasting three times a week If your eye causes you to sin, tear it out!! My Extreme Weight Loss Journey…and attending mass more than just on Sundays.  The Lord has also put a desire in my soul to receive Him in the Eucharist everyday and is making the mass come alive for me. COMMUNION! COMMUNION! COMMUNION!
  3. I have more patience, joy, peace and love.
  4. I have stopped swearing and using the Lord’s name in anger and vain.  Anyone who knows me would know I swore like a trucker.  It was a horrible habit.
  5. I have removed Facebook from my hand held device.  I went from checking it about every 10 minutes to a couple times a day and it is for a purpose now to do God’s will rather than mindlessly wasting countless hours on it.
  6. I de-cluttered my home and I stopped shopping for things I don’t need.  Yes ladies this is possible!! Declutter Your Life!!
  7. I am praying all the time and reading spiritual books My Favorite Books.  I am leading a book study at my church (THE FULFILLMENT OF ALL DESIRE by Ralph Martin) and sing in the choir.  I actually sang the psalm by myself during the Easter vigil.  I do not like singing by myself but I figure the Lord gave me my voice to honor, adore and worship Him and to use the gift for others as well so I did it.
  8. I have made amends with others when I was called by the Lord to do even though it was hard. To My Dearest Eden
  9. I am actually able to immerse myself in the moment with my family rather than being distracted by the past or the future. I have a present for you!! 
  10. I started praying with my husband every night and as a family every night.
  11. I started a group called Intercessors United.
  12. I will be running a one day women’s retreat in my parish called “The Beloved” Women’s Retreat.
  13. The Lord has opened the eyes of my understanding with regards to suffering and now I have a desire to suffer for my own soul and for the souls of others. Suffering Succotash!!
  14. I have been able to surrender myself completely to the Lord.  I have no fear but walk confidently in His Love and Mercy.  It is no longer I who lives…
  15. I started this blog to share with others how good the Lord is and how He can transform us completely.  How the blog was born…

I’m sure this is just the beginning and there is much much more but you get my point and I got Jesus’ point when He told me to look at the fruit of the HOLY SPIRIT in my life.  You see I could not make any of these changes myself and I knew this for certain because I have been trying for years and years to change on my own.  These fruits are the direct work of the Holy Spirit and so I can rest assured that what I am experiencing is from Him.  I can trust it and not be afraid.  And what’s even more amazing is that all these changes occurred in the matter of a month.  The power of God truly transforms us and He can do it in an instant.

What fruits are good in your life?  Are there any changes the Lord is calling you to make?  Areas in your life that you need to surrender to God so that He can fill you with His Holy Spirit and start the process of transformation?  Surrender today!  Don’t wait until tomorrow!


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