My husband, Rob, had a serious car accident in 2003 which left him paralyzed.  He was told he would never walk again but through prayer and faith his spinal cord healed partially and he is now able to walk with the assistance of canes.  Rob has a lot of health issues related to this spinal cord injury and is in constant pain.  He has an internal baclofen pump inserted under the skin and fat in his abdomen, which constantly pumps baclofen into his spinal cord.  This controls his spasticity issues.  Without this pump Rob would not be able to function at all.  Rob also receives pain medication from his pump which helps control his pain.

Every three months my husband, Rob, has a medical appointment in Vancouver to get new medication inserted into his pump.  We always make a fun trip of it.  We figure if we have to spent all this money on these trips we may as well make the best out of it.  Sometimes, Rob and I go alone and have some adult fun, away from kids.  We have done many fun things on these trips.  Most often we go to a Vancouver Canadians baseball game, see a yuk yuk’s comedy show, go to the race track, take in the hottest release in the theater, and go for a nice dinner.  We have even gone to a few concerts, and saw Cirque du Soleil on these trips.


This last time we went to Vancouver we brought the girls, Madison and Alexis with us.  We were waiting in the ferry terminal and I was sitting in the van reading and praying.  I read exodus 3:14 “God said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM”.  This is what you are to say to the Israelites.  “I AM has sent me to you.”  Instantly the Holy Spirit came upon me and opened my soul to understand this truth in greater fullness.  The beautiful and majestic view from the van all of a sudden hot me like a ton of bricks.  I became lost in the beauty of it  and I was in awe.  We got onto the ferry and I was walking around looking at the scenery and all the people and the Lord spoke to me in my soul.  He said, “I AM.  I AM the mountains, the ocean, the people.  I AM everything that is good and beautiful in the world and in the heavens.  It all comes from me and it was a gift  for mankind.  It is a gift for you Rebecca, , my beloved.  It is a wedding gift for you my bride.  And all these people surrounding you and you yourself, Rebecca are more beautiful, radiant, splendid, and perfect than all of my other creations combined.  For you are made in my image and likeness and so your potential for greatness and perfection are limitless.  I look with such love on every single person.  I loved them all so much that I gave my life for them.  It saddens me when I see people hurting one another.  My heart breaks when I see people lost in sin, in addictions,  in depression and despair.  I want them to come to me so I can heal them but they will not come.  They no longer recognize me or see me at all.  So Rebecca I want you to love them for me, to pray and suffer for them, to speak my love and my mercy to them.  I will be the love and mercy that you give them because we will be united and it will no longer be you who loves them but it will be me who does.  It is through you that I can love my people.  And oh how my hearts longs for them.  I thirst for every single one of them.”

Oh Lord help me see the beauty in everyone.  Help me to see them the way that you see them so that I can love them the way You love them.  Help me to see past the sin, past the brokenness and weaknesses and see the soul as you created it to be.  Be the love I love with as without you Lord I have no love in me to give. for I am sinful, broken and weak myself.  I am no different from anyone else.  You Lord, are every good thing in this world, all good that is in others is You shinning through.  Amen.

Are you able to see Jesus in others?  in yourself?

What beauty in the world reveals “I AM” to you?


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