Do not fear death!!

During my prayer time on April 7, 2018 a quote from St. John Chrysostom seared my soul. “Let no one fear death, for the Saviour’s death has set us free.”

WOW!!  To not fear death?  How can this be?  The majority of people fear death!!  It is the unknown and we cling to this world and the things of this world, good and bad, with all our might.  To not fear death means the guarantee that there is a heaven and that we are going there.  Otherwise we would fear death because there is something great to fear. The loss of God and the inheritance of hell. So because of Jesus’ death on the cross I am guaranteed to go to heaven and be forever united with the Holy Trinity.  There are no if’s, no but’s, not the slightest bit of doubt that it will happen.  100% guaranteed, with no fine print at the bottom.  Unless, of course, I make the choice not to accept this gift and believe me I have a choice.  It is called free will and in each moment of everyday we choose whether we are going to heaven or to hell.  We have a choice between what is good and ordered and what is evil and disordered.  The more we choose evil and disorder the more we become evil and disordered.  The more we choose good and order the more we become good and ordered.  The more we become Christ Himself.  It is no longer I who lives…

Can you imagine living a life where you did not fear death!! Where you did not fear anything!!  But instead could walk confidently in the Lord trusting in Him and his promises 100%.  This freedom would change us.  This truth transforms our inner most being into the depths of our souls.  The very core of who we are.  This is what Truth does to us.  It sets us free and changes us.  We become new creations.  We become Christ and walk confidently in God the Father’s will because we are one with Him through Jesus.  His will becomes our will and our will becomes His will.  We live in complete surrender and trust to His will.  This is the only path.  There is no other way.  We must become Christ or our Christian walk is dead inside.  We must be transformed in the depths of our souls.  But we cannot change through our own power.  We are completely powerless and impotent to do so.  We cannot transmit life into ourselves but the Holy Spirit can impregnate our souls with Himself so that new life can be born and the reign of Christ within us can begin. This life, which is Jesus, will continue to grow in us until we die and enter the beatific vision.

This is the way, the process, and it is done in and through the Church and the sacraments.  God weaved through the fabric of His Church the wisdom for this truth to come forth and be fulfilled.   He established it this way to make it easier for people, safer, so they don’t lose their way.  The practice of religion needs to be lived fully, with full understanding and faith or it is practiced in vain.  The outward practices of religion mean nothing for the individual with an infertile soul.  Jesus, through the Church, can not impregnate a soul that is infertile.  The Body of Christ must go to God just as Christ Himself did, meek and humble.  In complete abandonment and submission to God’s will.  So let go of everything and submit yourselves to God and then come to the womb of the Church and let he nurture you, guide you, and give you life.

Have you submitted yourself to God’s will?  If so praise God!!  If not why haven’t you?  What is holding you back?  Go to God in prayer and ask for His help.

Do you need to come back to the womb of the Catholic Church where life and truth can be found?  I am searching for the lost sheep, who are lost and needing to find their way back home.  Do not be afraid to come.  The bride of Christ will always welcome you back.  In fact, she will rejoice and be glad at your return.  And through her Christ will transform you into Himself and when this life fades you will enter heaven rejoicing.


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