Lately the Lord has really been drawing me to Himself in the Eucharist.  I have this powerful desire to attend daily mass and receive Jesus in the Eucharist every day.  The problem is that for the most part I lose all focus and piety during the Liturgy of the Eucharist.  Once I receive Jesus I am able to focus and worship Him but I struggle before.  So I have been praying that the Lord would make His Eucharist real to me.

During Lent of 2018 the Lord answered my prayers.  At the consecration during a Friday mass I had an interior vision.  So not something you see with your human eyes but a knowing deep within my soul.  My soul saw and recognized and knew that the church was full of angels and saints.  Right in front of the altar was Mary our Mother, on her right side was St. Joseph and on her left was St. Peter with all the apostles.  Beside St. Joseph there were many, many of the Saints.  They were all there!  These beautiful and most perfect souls.  These radiant lights who lived out God`s will for them so wonderfully and have been beacons of light for the world.  I was in awe looking at them all and was honored to be there in among them.  Then I noticed they were all looking at, worshiping and adoring Him.  Each and every one of them pointed to Jesus in the Eucharist and I knew right them and there that He was the one I was to be in awe of, He was the one I was to adore and worship.  I should be honored to be in Jesus`presence not all the angels and saints.  In fact, all the angels and saints would be the most vilest of sinners, even Mary, if it were not for Jesus and the grace He offers.

All the angels and saints there were servants of the King of Kings just like me.  One day I will be standing up at the alter with all the angels and saints worshiping with them.  In fact, I already am!  The only difference is that now I am not a saint but one day I will be as this is the desire the Lord has buried deep in my soul and He will fulfill all the desires of my heart.


Have you truly experienced Jesus in the Eucharist?  Please share.  If not pray that the Lord will allow you to.

What are the desires of your heart?


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