Declutter Your Life!!

Around new years 2018 I came to a point in my life where I was suffocating under the weight of my own greed.  What’s scariest is, I no longer even recognized it as greed, as consumerism is so common and normal in our society.  For 3 days I went Rambo on my house and de-cluttered every single nook and cranny.  I got ride of 10 large garbage bags of junk, 10 other large garbage bags went to the second hand store and I sold a dozen or so items on swap n’ shop.  I was in a frenzy and I felt like a piranha attacking a bleeding victim.  I don’t think I showered, brushed my teeth or really ate for three days!!  I was focused and determined to make a change in my chaotic life.  I was obsessed, frantic and you know what?  I WAS ANGRY!!  Angry at myself for filling my home, heart, mind, and soul with so many objects that meant nothing to me and that I didn’t need.  Objects that had become a wall between my Jesus and I.  I was angry at society for corrupting my mind with lies that consumerism (i.e., greed) was ok!!  Angry at greed, my own greed and the greed of the entire human race, for destroying God’s beautiful creation.  For all the waste and garbage pilling up in our oceans and on land.  For the destruction of our forests, wildlife habitats, oceans, and atmosphere.  There are so many things to be angry about and believe me God is angry too.  And righteously so!!  We use our free will wrongly, and choose to do what we think is right but what is contrary to God’s most perfect plan and we destroy ourselves and our world with us.  If only we would all choose God’s ways, which are perfect.  If Adam and Eve lived God’s way we would not even be in the predicament we currently find ourselves.  I am thankful that God’s anger is not like our human anger.  God’s anger does not destroy but restores and heals.  It is an anger that changes things for good.

The Lord ingrained these truths so deeply into my soul that my soul instantly changed and I was no longer the person I was the second before.  My eyes were opened to see how sick I truly was.  To see how lost I was in the busyness and noise of life.  My soul was darkened, my heart was downtrodden, my intellect was deadened and emotionally and physically I was displaying all kinds of symptoms.  Confusion, depression, anxiety, fear, nausea, headaches, heartburn, indigestion, rage, anger, swearing and cursing, oh and the list could go on.  But you get the picture!  I was very sick from the core of my being outwards.  Little did I know this was the beginning of all that God has planned for my future.  This was the first step in climbing the ladder into God’s will for me.  And de-cluttering my home was just the first step.  I knew in that moment that I could not go back to work after Christmas holidays as it would most surely be the end of me.  I needed to seek solitude, silence and in that solitude and silence find the One who could free me from the slavery of the world.  The One who could heal all my illnesses, from the smallest of tummy aches to the mending of my mind and heart, to the union of my soul with His.

As I am sure you have already guessed the ONE I speak about is JESUS!!  It has always been about Jesus, all my life.  From the moment He revealed Himself to me at 15 years old, About Me I have always felt His call.  I have always felt His most loving and merciful Hands holding me up.  I have always trusted that He would not let me go or let me be lost forever.  I trust in His LOVE too much to believe that He would.  The Lord has always come to find His lost sheep when I have strayed from the fold.  He has always opened His arms to embrace His prodigal daughter when she returns.  Oh what love is this?  I do not understand this Love!!  And even right now, at this very moment, as I write this, the Lord is touching my soul through it, healing it continuously!!  He is bringing me new life as I understand and live these truths, His truths, more fully everyday.  I have never felt such freedom.  The Truth most definitely sets us free.  Jesus I trust in You.

Have you been set free from the burdens of this world?  Are your things weighing you down?  Is it time for spring cleaning?  What’s holding you back from living a life less complicated, less busy, less noisy?

Are you a prodigal son or daughter who needs to return home to your Father to find comfort, shelter, healing and love?  Are you a lost sheep who needs to return to the protection of the fold in the Catholic Church where you will find the guidance and love of the Shepherd?  What are you waiting for!!  Hurry home!!


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