How the blog was born…

I Love God’s sense of humor, His use of symbolism!!  He speaks to me not through audible words but through my mind, heart, soul and experience.  On February 24, 2018 my husband, Rob, and I were going out for a date night to celebrate his 39th birthday and I needed to get ready.  I was already experiencing mountain top highs while praying on the couch in our living room.  The Holy Spirit was pulling me to Himself and I was immersed in His Love and Majesty.  I was barely aware of my surroundings at this point in my prayer.  I knew Rob and my children were nearby, doing their own things.

At that moment the Holy Spirit said “I have big plans for you Rebecca, are you ready?”  “Yes Lord, I am ready”, I replied.  “I want you to blog about your spiritual journey, your interior life”, the Lord told me.  “Lord, I am not a writer and I have no idea how to blog.  In fact I’ve never even read a blog before”, I argued.  The Lord smiled and said, “I will write for you and you can learn how to blog.”  I argued with Jesus more saying, “But Lord what if what you are asking me to do is really successful and it takes me away from my family more and more?”  The Holy Spirit assured me that He would take care of my family and that they would be given the strength and grace to endure it and even grow from it.  Then He asked me, “Rebecca, do you trust in Me?  Because if you do then let me take care of everything”.  I submitted with “Of course I trust you Lord”.

When my conversation with the Holy Spirit was over I came down from the mountain top high and realized I had to shower and get ready for the date with Rob.  I was intoxicated with the Holy Spirit so was having a hard time even walking but I managed to get myself into the shower.  Well my Lord was not finished with me yet.  Halfway through my shower the Holy Spirit came upon me again and this time my entire being trembled and vibrated.  It was as if my soul was trying to explode out of the top of my head.  I was terrified as this was the strongest I’ve ever felt the Lord’s presence.  I felt like I was going to die.  It was as if He was right there and my soul was going to leave my body to be united with Him.  In my uncertainty I exclaimed, “Lord what if this is not from You? What if I am making this happen myself or what if it’s Satan?  The Lord reassured me saying, “Look at the fruits Rebecca.  You will know these consolations, gifts and encounters are Me by the good fruit that it bears in your life.”  Yes, Yes, this made sense to me!  I was being transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit and there was so much good fruit being produced. Let’s talk about fruit…  Then another doubt crept in and I cried to the Lord,  “What if I am not able to correctly discern which fruits are good”.  Jesus said again as before, “Do you trust Me?  Do you believe with all your heart and soul that I will take care of you?  Instantly I responded, “Yes Lord I do!”  The Lord comforted me saying, “Then do not worry!  I will not lead you astray or let harm come to you.”

All of a sudden all the fear and doubt I was experiencing vanished.  I fell to my knees in our 9′ by 3′ shower sobbing and surrendered myself completely to my Lord and King.  I’ve surrendered myself many times before but this one was different, it was deeper, more complete and more life changing.  Writing about this now I recognize God’s sense of humor in this all.  It wasn’t funny at the time but really a grown women on her knees in a large shower sobbing uncontrollably while worshiping and surrendering to God is a pretty humorous sight.  Ok, so you get the humor part but what do I mean by symbolism you ask?  The symbolism was my nakedness which was representing my complete surrender.  As I was on my knees the Lord said, “You were born naked into this world with nothing.  Now tonight you are reborn and naked before Me.  All has been stripped from you and you are ready to step into all that I have for you.”  As that water poured over me I felt all my sin, all my will, everything that was not of God rinse off of me and down the drain forever.  I knew right then and there that my life would never be the same, that I would never be the same person again.  My soul sang its praises, “Oh Lord all I want is You and to bring others to You so that they also can experience utter joy, peace and love.  You are my only desire sweet Jesus.  In You I trust”.

AND This is how the blog was born.

Oh and I should mention that Rob and I had a wonderful date that night.  We went out for Indian food, watched a Yuk Yuk’s show and went dancing.  Or at least I danced, Rob doesn’t dance but I Love dancing.


Have you stepped into the Lord’s calling for your life?  Do you feel fulfilled and satisfied that your life has purpose?  If yes then praise the Lord!  I would love to hear your story so please share.  If not then go to Jesus in prayer and ask, no beg Him to show you.


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